My Story

Born and raised professionally in a small town in the province of Naples, she immediately discovered her love and passion for hair.

She decides that she wants to establish herself and starts looking for the most renowned hairdressers in the area.
Having attended the academy, she decided to move to the city to broaden her horizons, and it was right there, after a few months that she developed the idea of ​​moving to Spain, Barcelona.

A new destination, new language, new styles to learn, new techniques, more exuberant and creative than those previously known. She thus becomes part of a famous team of Catalan hairdressers, who, thanks to the young woman's skills and creativity, decide to promote her. Maria Cammisa thus became the technical manager of the salon, where she specialized in various coloring and cutting techniques.

The latter, after a few years, decides to return to her origins, and it is precisely in Naples that she meets "the maestro", a student of Vidal Sassoon's academy in London, who decides to believe in her and offers her the opportunity to express herself and perfect the knowledge acquired.

Cutting and coloring techniques, hair care and well-being are revisited, dealing with natural and organic products, thus embracing the BIO-ORGANIC philosophy.

Having moved to Milan, after a brief working period with Aldo Coppola she decided to make her dream come true: a studio-salon that reflects her personality where she can continue to create new hairstyles, cuts and colors personalized according to her artistic flair that enhance the qualities of each person. "BEAUTY REIGNS IN EACH OF US"

Organic color without ammonia, nickel and paraphenylenediamine. The best!!

Excellent service. Quality price. A thousand thanks! I am 100% Satisfied!

After a year of hair disasters FINALLY PERFECT cut and style!!!

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